4 Reasons to Skip the Hassle of Listing and Sell Your Las Vegas House to an Investor Instead

*Sigh* If you have been through the process of listing a Las Vegas house on the MLS with a real estate agent, you know that, in some cases, it can be a hassle, lengthy, and unfortunately sometimes even more inconvenient. It’s wise to weigh-out your options and get several opinions on how you should sell your house from both investors and agents.

From dealing with showings to waiting for offers, the process can be time-consuming and stressful. Of course, in some situations, using an agent can be great, but finding the right real estate agent that truly cares is important. Don’t go with your first option, nor with a person that may seem to be overpromising vs the other potential candidates because typically, you’ll get similar advise from all experienced professionals. If one stands out vs the others then do your homework and ask questions. Utilizing a real estate agent is ok to sell your house, but it’s crucial to know that this doesn’t apply to every house and home selling situation. Again, talk to different real estate professionals and see what they all say before you come to a final conclusion. Gr8housebuyers is a company that encourages that, and may even propose a home selling choice you have never heard of!

In this post, we discuss a few of the complex parts of listing a house you need to be aware of and why you may want to consider selling your property to an investor instead.

Hassles You May Encounter During A Traditional Listing to Sell Your House

1. Inconvenience of Property Showings or Open Houses

One of the biggest hassles of listing your house on the MLS in Las Vegas is dealing with showings and open houses. If you’re still living in the house, you have to constantly keep it clean and tidy to prepare for potential buyers to come in and look around. Sometimes these strangers will also criticize the home you may be emotionally attached to and that’s not something anyone wants to hear during potential distress or hardship. This can also be complicated if you have kids and/or pets. If you’re not living in the house, you have to constantly coordinate with your real estate agent to make sure they can get in to show the house to potential traditional buyers. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you have a busy schedule and/or prefer your privacy.

2. Waiting for Home Offers to Come In?

The thing about listing your house in Las Vegas is that there are no guarantees. You’ll need to be patient while you wait around for qualified offers to come in, and their is a possibility that they can back out at the last minute as well. Depending on interest rates and the market, it can take weeks or even months for an offer to come in. During this time, you still have to pay your mortgage, property taxes, deal with potential unruly tenants and evictions, and other expenses associated with owning a house. This can be a major financial burden, especially for homeowners or landlords who are trying to sell their houses quickly, or need the cash from the sale of their house as soon as possible.

3. Costs of Hiring a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents typically charge a commission fee of 5-6% of the sale price of the house. This means that if you sell your house for $300,000, you’ll have to pay your real estate agent $15,000-$18,000 in commission fees, and this isn’t including other broker fees, and closing costs, etc. This can be a major hit to your bottom line and can significantly reduce the amount of money you net and make from the sale of your house. Depending on the agent, you may also be on the hook for marketing costs, listing fees, and more! Compare the options you have when selling a house, and do the math.

4. Repairs and Renovations Before You Sale a Home

Before you list your house on the MLS with a Las Vegas real estate agent, you typically have to make repairs, clean it up, and do renovations to make it more marketable. This can include things like painting, replacing flooring, junk removal, and updating appliances. Depending on the condition of your house, these repairs and renovations can be expensive and time-consuming. Keep in mind, that it typically can be more expensive to buy materials or supplies on your own. Investors usually get their materials at a bulk price. Also, if you don’t make the necessary repairs and renovations, your house may not sell, pass inspection, have less offers and you may have to accept a lower offer that anticipated. Don’t let a commission driven agent over-promise and mislead you. If you decide to list your property on the market, but don’t know where to start looking, we can refer you to a caring agent that is vetted and you can begin the process of selling your house on the right track.

So what’s the solution?

Here are four reasons why you should consider selling a house to an investor:

1. No Property Showings & No Open Houses

When you sell your property to an investor, you don’t have to deal with any property showings, nor any open houses. Investors typically buy houses as-is, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning, staging, repairing, or renovating your house. This can be a major time-saver, especially if you have a busy schedule or if your house needs a lot of work.

Plus, it’s also an excellent option if you enjoy your privacy, and don’t want strangers that aren’t serious buyers exploring your house.

2. A Faster Closing On Your House

Professional Investors such as Gr8housebuyers® typically close on houses much more quickly than traditional buyers and investors. This means you can sell your house on your schedule, and get your money much faster than listing it on the MLS. This can be especially beneficial if you’re in a hurry to sell your house and need your cash asap.

We are a dedicated team of home buying experts with systems and processes in place to streamline your home selling experience.

3. No Costs, Commissions, or Hidden Seller Fees

When you sell your property to an investor, you don’t have to pay any commission fees, no closing costs, and no other hidden Seller fees. This means you get to keep more of the money from the sale of your house. And because investors typically buy houses as-is, you don’t have to worry about making repairs or renovations, which can save you even more money, and increase your profits for the sale of your house.

4. A Cash Offer For Your House

Most investors are typically not reliant on banks and will make cash offers on houses. This means that you don’t have to worry about waiting for financing to go through and can sell your home as-is. This can be a major relief, especially if you’re in a hurry to sell your house or if you’re worried about a traditional buyer’s financing falling through at the last second.

Listing your house on the MLS with a Las Vegas real estate agent can be a great choice, but for some houses, it can become more of a hassle. From dealing with showings to waiting for offers, the process can be time-consuming and stressful.

Selling your property to an experienced investor can be a much simpler and a more convenient option. Selling your property to an investor can help you sell your house quickly and with minimal hassle. Get started today, and begin with a Gr8 offer!

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