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Creating Genuine Value In Real Estate

OUR PROMISE: At Gr8housebuyers® – We prioritize you and your family’s home selling situation, and focus on the homeowner’s goals and interests. We understand it’s a privilege to buy your home, and not just another deal. It’s a no-brainer! We care about your expectations when selling a house, and strive to exceed them.

Are you a homeowner that is curious on how to sell a house for cash? Do you want to inquire on how to sell a house fast?

Gr8housebuyers® helps make a home selling experience seamless, easy, and convenient! We CARE about every homeowner selling a home and want you to get the most for it. We strive to provide great offers and service to home owners in the Las Vegas area.

We will guide you in the right direction, even if it means, not selling to us.

We cater to your home selling needs, schedule, and provide you with a Gr8 proposal amongst the highest and best cash offers in the real estate market! We are committed to provide a memorable experience when selling a home to Gr8housebuyers®.

Furthermore, we treat you like our family throughout the home selling process. Gr8housebuyers® has 5-star ratings on Google because your satisfaction truly matters to us. Check out our testimony videos from REAL homeowners that have sold us their house and enjoyed their experience selling their real estate to Gr8housebuyers®!

Receive an offer for your home that you can TRUST. We don’t just buy houses… we’re here to serve people and help our community of homeowners first and foremost.

Delivering real estate INTEGRITY & GUIDANCE that makes stressful house selling situations SIMPLE by providing HONEST & CARING SOLUTIONS!

Assuring you the clarity, certainty, and convenience you want when you sell your house.

Creating Genuine Value In Real Estate

Selling a home to Gr8housebuyers® is easy & we promise our #1 goal is to help every homeowner find the best outcome possible for you and your family!


CEO / Founder & Director of Acquisitions and Talents

Anthony C. – His visionary role currently consists of many loving “hats” when managing day-to-day operations: Administrative Director, Transaction Coordinator, Marketing Director, and Acquisitions Director, but most importantly, bring out the Gr8 potential within the team while maintaining genuine values.

He organically cherishes the privilege to cater and help people, by prioritizing you first, and doing his part to rebuild and improve our communities. If you get to meet him, he truly invests his time in you, and he ensures respect and integrity in real estate that is pleasant and unmatched.

He says, “My ultimate focus is assuring you and your Family enjoy a simple & seamless process when selling a property to us, by exceeding your expectations, and providing a Gr8 memorable experience!”

Gr8housebuyers® is a “Loyal and Dependable Movement with an Aspiration to Establish a Significant Impact, and an Eminent Legacy in Real Estate through Altruism!”

Senior Acquisitions Manager

If you’re reading this, you are an amazing person! Hey, I’m Kayla, and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. If you couldn’t tell by my first sentence, I am full of love and energy, and I have a passion for this business. Real estate doesn’t have to be about expensive suits, thick contracts, and straight faces. Upon meeting me, you’ll realize that I bring light into the real estate industry by helping simplify the process. Whether you want to list your property, get a cash offer, or just chat about real estate, I’d love to talk to you!

I’m also a licensed agent (License #S.0193784) in Nevada.

Acquisitions Specialist / VA

“Hi! My name is Kyla D., and I am from the Philippines, I’m currently an Acquisitions Specialist to this awesome team, primarily working as Gr8housebuyers® Virtual Assistant. I specialize in marketing, call management, general administrative tasks, and assist in growing our social media presence. I believe that faith and work are inseparable, so keep hoping and grinding without forgetting to be humble at all times.”
“Be a goal-setter, a go-getter, all the while, moving, in humility and kindness.”
― Kamini Arichandran

Acquisitions Specialist / VA

I’m Rica H. from the Philippines. I am one of the Acquisitions Specialists of Gr8housebuyers® who particularly devotes my time talking to and connecting with people in order to understand their needs and challenges. The team’s genuine beliefs and intentions have always driven me to aim for the best interests of the families and bring success to the team. I am a Communication advocate who believes that our power is too communicate. Also, my motivation, determination and diligence keeps me going.

Acquisitions Specialist

Chris A. joined Gr8housebuyers® in 2020. After initially working on outside projects for the company, he decided to take the next step and try his hand as an Acquisitions Specialist. With previous experience in the real estate & financial industries, Chris has been able to apply those skills and knowledge in helping meet our client’s needs.

Chris is married with a son and a cat. He enjoys sports, cars, sporting events, playing softball, and auto-racing in his spare time. He is originally from California, and has always considered Las Vegas his second home!

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The process of selling a home has many factors, uncertainties, and can be stressful.

When selling a home is difficult, we help make it simple.  

Selling your house to us is super easy. We will handle everything for you, so you don’t have to!

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