Listing Vs Cash Offers 

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Selling Your House?

The only decision that might be more important than buying a home is selling one. Finding a decent buyer who’s willing to pay the asking price for your home can take a long time.  If you’re looking for a new place to live, you don’t always have the luxury of that time.  You need to be able to afford a new place to live as soon as you can.  The great news is that the housing market has shifted considerably over the last few years. Buyers who would usually have looked for homes at auction are increasingly looking for individuals to buy from directly.  That means that there has been a massive influx of cash buyers entering the market.  If you are looking for an experienced home buyer and a quick home sale in Las Vegas, NV then Gr8housebuyers® is hands down the way to go!

Why Not List?

There are certainly times when listing is the best option.  Not all cash buyers are created equal.  There are a lot of disreputable cash buyers out there.  You should be sure to do your due diligence on anyone offering cash for your home.  Any reputable cash buyer will be more than glad to assist you in any way they can.  After all, they want the transaction to go smoothly just as much as you do.

If you are willing to wait for an offer that matches or exceeds your asking price, and the property is in excellent condition then listing may be the best option for you.  That’s not to say that cash buyers who will pay over the asking price for your home don’t exist. Listing is preferred if you have time and flexibility to wait as long as needed for the right offer to come in, and if the property is in excellent condition. 

Most regular cash buyers aren’t buying your home for their personal use.  They’re likely buying the property as an investment to either repair and flip it, or to rent it out.  That means they have a lot of experience buying houses and will finalize the transaction at faster than average speeds.  A home buyer who is buying your home for their personal use, regardless of if they’re a cash buyer or not, is likely to have higher expectations of you as a seller and require more time to finalize the sale.  Listing is a method to sell if you’re ok with taking your time selling a home.  Listing a property with a realtor or a big institution which regularly takes months to sell, requires a longer more complex process, and accumulates realtor commissions and other listing fees.  You may be able to save time, and money selling your house to us!  Especially, if you’re selling as-is, prefer a quick close, and a simple yet convenient home selling process.

Selling to a Cash Buyer

As mentioned before, cash buyers for homes are far more likely to be regular home buyers and not be planning to use a home for their own personal use.  What does that mean for you as a seller? 

It can be summarized in one word:


A cash buyer can greatly accelerate the pace of your home sale, because they aren’t worried about financing.  Real estate cash buyers can save everyone time on some of the paperwork and closing costs of selling your home, and because most cash buyers are regular home buyers, they are already familiar with the home buying process.  That means they’re familiar with the process, and can buy the home faster than if it was put on the market.  You can get cash for your home within 7 business days!  

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How Do We Compare to a Traditional Buyer?

(average)Gr8housebuyers®Traditional Buyer
FinancingCashTypically, needs to qualify for a bank loan
Repairs to Get House ReadyWe Buy As-Is! (None)2-20% of home value
Length of Time on MarketZero45+ days
Close in 10-Days(or Date of Your Choice!)YesNo
Realtor CommissionsZero4-6%
Closing CostsZero1-2% of sales price
Showings or Walk-Through’s115+
Cleaning Necessary?Not Required Yes
Leasebacks(Get Paid Before You Move!)YesNo
Average Length of Transaction7-14 days30-60 days
Cash for Keys ProgramYesNo
Other Seller Hidden FeesZeroProbably
Extend Closing at Seller’s RequestYes, We’re PatientNot Likely

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