5 Reasons Why Selling Your House to A Professional Las Vegas Investor May Be Right for You

5 Reasons Why Selling Your House to A Las Vegas Investor May Be Right for You

Deciding which method is best to sell your house is a big step and will seal the deal in terms of how much time and energy you’ll expend in the process and, ultimately, the profit you’ll realize. Commonly, a seller’s first consideration is looking at Zillow or Redfin to get an idea of the value of your home. Keep in mind, that those estimated values are based on fully remodeled comps or properties that have been upgraded and modernized. If a real estate agent isn’t telling you the realistic value/range of the property in its current condition, then you may be disappointed later, and that’s not what a true caring real estate expert wants for their client. Gr8housebuyers® has the experience, tools, and resources to help any homeowner make an informed and confident decision.

Other things that typically come to mind besides working with a listing agent, are quickly followed by thoughts of listing as an FSBO, driven by a desire to save the high real estate commissions for themselves. Unfortunately for sellers who attempt this route, a quick search will tell you the abysmal statistics of the 8 percent of FSBO listings, of which about only 11 percent sell, and of those that do sell, the final sales price averages around 30 percent less than comparable listings. We haven’t even mentioned the closing costs, repair requests, multiple walk-throughs, and other concessions a homeowner may have to pay going the traditional route! Why end up with almost the same amount or less without exploring all your options first?

Getting a quote from an established local company like Gr8housebuyers is a smart decision by any homeowner that doesn’t want to feel pressured or stressed about the overall home selling process.

Whatever drives the sale, selling your house directly to a local investor may honestly be the best option. Plus, you don’t have to worry about broker or listing fees. Still, to make an educated decision, you need to understand the benefits that working with a local investor brings to the table. So read on as we explore five reasons why selling your house to an Las Vegas investor may be right for you.

Fast Cash

If an impending foreclosure or other financial stress is weighing heavily upon your shoulders, selling your house to a Las Vegas investor may be the right solution for you. 

The accelerating power of cash backs the offers of professional investors like those at Gr8housebuyers®, giving them the ability to provide sellers with a guaranteed closing date, typically within days. The professional investors at Gr8housebuyers® also have the flexibility to let you select the best calendar date to save you the time, cost, and hassle of moving twice. Gr8housebuyers may also accommodate the homeowner with closing extensions, and the convenience of non-refundable earnest money deposits (EMD), so that way the homeowner has peace of mind and is absolutely certain that they are dealing with a serious offer and a reputable investment company. The fastest time we’ve helped a homeowner selling a home was in 2-days!

No Commissions

If you’d rather avoid paying real estate commissions but don’t want a professional’s help handling the complicated process and paperwork, selling your house to an experienced investor may be the answer you’re looking for. Professional investors like Gr8housebuyers® never charge commissions, and there are no hidden fees to deplete the profits from a Seller. In addition, the amount of the offer from the professional investors at Gr8housebuyers® is the amount you’ll have in hand when you leave the closing table; there are no surprises, and no overpromises!


Selling your house to a Las Vegas local real estate buyer may be right for you if you just don’t want to deal with the hassles of a traditional listing, like keeping your house perfect at all times, fixing the property, a more complex process, and the inconveniences of leaving whenever there is a showing. Or maybe the thought of strangers walking through your home, virtually or in person, is unnerving; if so, you’re not alone. We’ve helped many home Sellers in different situations. We may also be able to provide a local move when selling a home to Gr8housebuyers, or allow the homeowner to stay in the property after the transaction is done and escrow has closed! There are numerous problems we’ve helped Las Vegas homeowners with.

Furthermore, there’s no need to schedule a showing when you sell directly to a professional investor like Gr8housebuyers®. There’s also no need to do a final cleaning when you’re selling directly to professional investors at Gr8housebuyers®, you can leave anything you want throughout the house. You can also get 3-types of home buying proposals at once from Gr8housebuyers!

Closing Costs

Closing costs can add up from 2 to 10 percent of the final sales price; if you’d like to avoid paying closing costs, then selling your house to a Las Vegas investor may be right.

Professional investors like those at Gr8housebuyers® have the built-in efficiency of a full-service in-house team of industry specialists, including every pro needed to handle everything from the home estimate, transaction coordination with the title company, and assuring you’re guided to the closing table as simply as possible. You’ll be happy knowing how easy it was selling a house to Gr8housebuyers. The professional investors at Gr8housebuyers® and the entire team want to make the process straightforward for sellers, keeping open lines of communication and directing the flow of your sale to the closing table as quickly as possible with the care every homeowner deserves.

No Repairs

If you’re overwhelmed by the work, time, and out-of-pocket expenses of bringing your home up to par to list on the Las Vegas, or you’re just not in the position to accomplish the feat of selling on the real estate market, selling your house to a Las Vegas investor may be the right move.  It’s also much faster, and Gr8housebuyers would love to explain the perks to every Las Vegas home Seller.

Professional investors like those at Gr8housebuyers® buy houses as is, so you can sleep peacefully, leaving your nightmares about making repairs behind you. The professional home buyer at Gr8housebuyers® will make you an offer you’ll agree is fair, so they’ll detail their calculations line by line with total transparency about what you’d profit from listing vs. your profits from a direct home sale. 

The professional home buying team at Gr8housebuyers® want you to feel good about working with us, your neighbors, long after the closing, so we’ll help you weigh all the facts to help you decide if selling your house to a Las Vegas investor may be right for you. If a professional investor at Gr8housebuyers® believes listing is best, given your extenuating circumstances, they’ll tell you so, and refer to licensed colleague. So no matter the time constraint you may be under, the location of your property, or the condition, talk to one of the professional investors at Gr8housebuyers® today without any obligation and find out how they can help you sell.

Anthony C. is a highly seasoned professional investor at Gr8housebuyers® that has the know-how to help sellers experience a smooth process and easily maneuver around home selling obstacles.

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