5 Things to Lookout for When Hiring a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

As with every profession, there are people who only care about the paycheck. You don’t want to fall victim to a realtor with such a mindset. In order to prevent this, we will discuss five things you should watch out for when hiring a Las Vegas real estate agent.


You should focus on finding agents with the proper experience, which can be shown in differentways. An agents’ experience isn’t only based on their years being licensed, but also on how many clients they’ve worked with, and what type of clients they were. Some agents only assist with buyers, while others lean more towards helping sellers. As someone who wants to sell their home, you’d probably want to choose a selling agent. Secondly, you should take note of the brokerage that the agent is with. Is the agent licensed with a reputable company? What kind of reviews does the agent/brokerage have? How long has the brokerage been operating?

These are all great questions to ask when finding a real estate agent with experience.

Misleading Asking Price

Many agents will overpromise a high selling price as an attempt to get you to sign a contract, even if the agent knows it won’t sell for the discussed amount. Then as the weeks pass, they’ll suggest lowering the listing price while they still earn a fixed commission. As time goes on and the listing sits on the market, you may be paying unnecessary out of pocket costs like property taxes, utilities, solar, and/or mortgage. It is important to request comparable sales from your real estate agent, so there is proof behind the price they are recommending.

Taking the Lead

The purpose of hiring a real estate agent is for their expertise. They should be able to properly set a price, negotiate on your behalf, and coordinate a seamless transaction. If the agent does not do this, you should consider taking things into your own hands. It is never too late to cancel the listing with your current real estate agent, and either hire a better professional, or sell it on your own.

Unprofessional Behavior

When hiring an agent, all information you provide to them should be confidential unless you’vegiven them permission to disclose to interested parties. During the interview process, if theagent is revealing private information to you regarding their past clients, they will probably do the same to you when given the chance. This is a sign that you cannot confide in that realtor, soyou should consider looking elsewhere for representation.


When hiring a Las Vegas real estate agent to help sell your house, you should never feelpressured to make a decision. The realtor you choose should be someone who takes theirtime to understand your situation, and allows you to feel comfortable and in control during theinterview process. You are in charge of what happens to your home, and the real estateagent should understand that.

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