How to Sell a Hoarder’s House

First and foremost, you need a home buyer with patience and understanding that has witnessed and has previously purchased a property in a similar situation before. Gr8housebuyers can help you with any squatter situation. 

Everybody has items that hold special sentimental value, be it their high school yearbook filled with friends’ scribbles, Grandma’s cherished silver earrings passed down generations, or a fuzzy teddy bear that once banished childhood nightmares. 

These emotional objects tie back to formative memories and core relationships. They seem too precious to part with, and there’s no harm in keeping these little time capsules.

Eventually, however, collecting too many emotional objects can lead to emotional turmoil. Before you know it, your home is piled so high with possessions that you can no longer see the floor. 

Although you’ve probably seen dramatic depictions of a chaotic hoarder house on TV, these kinds of dwellings really do exist in real life. So, what does the process of selling a hoarder’s house look like? 

Here’s a practical guide for how to sell a hoarder’s house and all of the steps this entails. 

Out With the Old, In With the New—Selling A Hoarder’s House

Worried about selling a messy house? You may be looking around the hoarded rooms, wondering where on earth to begin, but it’s important to keep a positive attitude. It may take time, effort, and a lot of elbow grease to get the property market-ready, so most homeowner’s who do not have the time or money to deal with the hassle can benefit selling to a cash home buyer like Gr8housebuyers® instead. It can also help you save money on repairs, cleaning, appraisals, commissions, closing costs, and other listing fees!

Step 1: Speak With the Hoarder If Possible

As tempting as it is to don your gloves and gather the garbage bags now, emptying a hoarder house is more than just a tidy-up. Whoever has collected these items has a deep emotional attachment to them for their own personal reasons, and throwing things away without their consent will likely cause them a lot of distress. 

Open up a conversation with the inhabitant, and approach the subject of decluttering and selling their hoarder housewith sensitivity and understanding. Explain the benefits that selling their home will bring to them, and show them that you’re there to support them at every step of the journey.

In some cases, the hoarder may not feel ready to part with their possessions, and may need some gentle encouragement. Be compassionate, and comfort them with the idea that transforming their home into a clean, manageable space will help them start a happier chapter in their life.

If the hoarder doesn’t own or lives in the property illegally, then we can help them understand their options together. We at Gr8housebuyers have programs to assist the homeowner and every type of occupant that lives in a house for sale.

  • Cash For Keys
  • Free Local Move
  • Hold-back
  • Cash Advance
  • Eviction Assistance

Hoarder houses are more common that you think, and we can guide you throughout the entire process while in escrow!

Step 2: Find the Right Real Estate Professional 

The hoarder is prepared and ready to move from the property and happy with the Gr8housebuyers assistance programs, and now it’s time to sell the property or get access to it! Collaborating with an experienced cash home buyer will help you sell the hoarder home quickly, and effectively. 

Respect the hoarder’s privacy and be open and honest about the property’s past and how the process will look like or what they can expect during escrow. If the home has recently been renovated due to severe damage, or the hoarder knows any vital information about the property’s distressed condition, then it’s important we gather that information and relay it to you.

Choose a home buyer that has experience in buying distinctive homes, as this expertise will help you get through the selling process more successfully.

Step 3: Accept an Offer

Congratulations—you’re now in the process of selling a hoarder’s house! The labor and/or stress may be over, but there’s still some paperwork to do. That’s where the expertise of a real estate consultant, like our professionals here at Gr8 House Buyers, comes into play. 

Step 4: Help Hoarder Understand their Timeframe

Now that you’ve spoken with the hoarder about the sale of the house and got their consent to move forward, let operation mass clean-up commence! There should be a timeframe that is mutually agreed upon, after we present them with their options of assistance.

We begin by working with the hoarder to separate their items into piles, such as the keep pile, the donation pile, and the garbage pile. Some tenant hoarders may show resistance during this phase, but it’s important to be on the same page and each party is satisfied with the timeline and options they have. Remind them of why you’re doing this, and how much better their property will be as a result, or why it’s best to cooperate with us, because the homeowner can take legal action like eviction proceedings and they can end up walking away with nothing and no help.

Extra Step: Start Cleaning

Performing a deep clean of a hoarder house is crucial to selling the home for higher value. No one wants to buy a house that’s covered in a thick layer of dirt, so make sure every room is sparkling clean to maximize the aesthetic appeal of the property.

This will also draw attention to its positive attributes and demonstrate to prospective buyers its actual potential, such as its layout, location, or original fixtures.

If cleaning isn’t your thing, or you don’t have the time to take on the work, you may want to outsource this job, or simply sell your house to a company like Gr8housebuyers whom buys as-is for fair market value without all the brokerage and on-market fees. It’s an essential step that you can skip, if you like! We make every hoarder nightmare, a simple home sale.

Turning The Page—Helping Hoarders Start Fresh

Selling a hoarder’s home isn’t over when the buyer signs the papers. We urge you to give the former owner or occupant of the hoarder residence continued emotional support. They’ve been through a lot. 

Offer your assistance in helping them find a new home, or help them get in contact with someone who can. You could also encourage them to seek mental health support to understand their disorder better, and develop ways of dealing with it. 

How Gr8 House Buyers Can Help With Selling a Hoarder’s House 

Being one of the top real estate companies in Las Vegas, we take great pride in sharing our knowledge and assisting clients in selling a hoarder house. Thousands of homeowners in the Nevada area trust our streamlined method, and we’re prepared to earn your faith as well!

To guarantee that the selling process goes as smoothly as possible, our team will offer professional advice, marketing strength, legal support, and accessibility to a huge professional network. But our services don’t end there. We also provide priceless insight into the state of the market, pricing tactics and options, and legal issues to optimize the value of your home.

The best part? It all begins with a single conversation, so why not reach out and begin selling your house right now? We can’t wait to get to work for you!

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