Is it worth it to Sell my House As-Is?

Some people disregard the opportunity of selling their property because of the fear of rejection when having inspections. Selling your house as-is is what many sellers do to avoid this type of concern. Most importantly, the selling process is more manageable and pleasant. 

The world of real estate is complicated, and even when selling as is, you will have to temper higher expectations. The good thing is, it brings qualified benefits that outrun the con side. Keep reading and find out why most people opt to sell as-is and some of the few cons you have to consider.  

Cash Buyers or Agents 

There exist two ways to put your house on the market; it could be through an experienced agent or a cash buyer agency. 

  • Agents: Paid and professional agents advise you on the best option for selling your house. If it is selling as-is, they will advise everything you need to offer it on the market. Conversation with interested buyers will also be through the agent. 
  • Cash Buyers: These are investors in cash buyer off-market agencies that prefer to buy as-is houses. These people typically offer a fair and decent price. You can gain access to some agencies on the internet or through connections and announce your house as an as-is sell. 

Inspection Contingency When Selling

Selling as-is means selling your house with its condition, but that does not mean that your house would not have to be in an inspection contingency. Buyers require time to walk through your house and revise if all the house conditions you previously stated on the market. 

Under the inspection, if buyers discover a previously unknown situation in your house, they can ask you to repair or change it. If your answer is “No, I still want to sell it as-is.” Then, the buyer has two options, cancel the contract or offer to buy for less money, and you will have to decide. 

Disclosure Procedure 

Even when selling a house as-is, you always have to disclose all information regarding the conditions of the house. People tend to believe that selling it in that manner is synonymous with blind selling, but it does not work like that, and it is illegal. 

People could become liable for failing to disclose; an example is when sellers avoid telling buyers that plumbing needs to be renewed. Sellers must be aware that provide an honest list of all the house conditions is not an option due to mandatory disclosure in the agreement between both parties. 

Quick Pros of Selling As-is 

Selling as-is results under the as-is condition result in significant benefits that cover more interests and goals than you believe! 

  • Cares of your finances: Worrying about expensive repairs, fees, transaction costs, and holding expenses is no longer a problem. As-is condition selling and cash buyers allow sellers to relax while offering their house in the market. You will only receive money but not give it to other expenses. 
  • Time-Saving: When selling with traditional methods, people spend much time with contractors and waiting for repairs, cleanings, showings, and even open houses to be done. All these processes could take months; with as-is, you will not have to wait as much, and cash buyers are even faster. 
  • Stress Reduction: Negotiating, navigating, and waiting for long steps to be completed and end up on a lost sell, could be a reason for people not to start the selling process. Selling as-is void uncertainty and provides you release and comfort. 

Quick Cons of Selling As-is 

The con sides of selling as-is are minimum compared to the number of benefits it provides to sellers and buyers. The majority of benefits could easily outrun the con side, creating the selling process a no-regret choice. 

  • Price: Higher expectations sometimes become unreal, and people get unenthusiastic. Sellers must remind that they are selling the house despite its conditions and that the price should be according to them. Nonetheless, finding a good cash buyer agency could eradicate this. 
  • Fewer Buyers Attraction: Some buyers will perceive your house as not worth it without even looking at it. Cash buyers can solve that; they buy homes in as-is conditions and take time to look at your offer and your house. 

Selling As-is is Your Best Option! 

Selling your house with Gr8housebuyers is simple, quicker, and time-saving. Located in Las Vegas-Nevada, we are cash buyers’ homes that understand your concerns and needs. Working with us means that you will no have to worry about paying fees as with an agent! 

No repair, no commissions, and no cleaning needed when selling for us. We arrange our time according to yours because we understand homeowner’s property goals or scenarios. Our team is professional, courteous, and honest. 


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