Selling As-is: Things To Not Bother Fixing

Many buyers look forward to buying and remodel, do not bother on fixing your entire house! Selling houses with an “As-is” condition means that people can sell their houses in their current state. Some of the traditional procedures such as cleaning and repairing are not needed to complete the selling process. 

Both parties should understand that the home will be sold with faults and issues. Behind this condition, there is legal paperwork in where both parties or only the buyer will have to sign. It is a legal agreement that states that he or she understands the conditions of the house and the terms of the transaction. Some of the things home buyers do not care about when buying: 

Superficial Damage

Most people believe that floors, walls, gardens, or decorations need to be perfect for selling, but that is not true. Superficial damage such as walls with peeling paint or scuffed floors is unnecessary to remodeling because those can be easily fixed. 

Most of the buyers only take care of the things that interfere with the functionality of the entire house. Sometimes they look at plumbing and electrical systems, and in some cases, they asked about utility bills. If you plan or want to sell your house in as-is condition, do not worry about the surface of the house but about the deepest and essential functionality parts of the house. 

Antiquated Kitchens and Bathrooms 

It is comprehendible that some houses have woefully outdated kitchens and bathrooms that do not possess the latest technology. That’s not a problem, and it does not need to be solved to be able to sell your house. Instead, many buyers enjoy the thinking of remodeling those entire spaces. 

Even if some people might like your designs and the decor of those rooms, you should let the buyers dream about their decor styles and create something unique when your house becomes theirs. 

Uncolored Walls 

If the house you are planning to sell does not have a color or, according to you, it has an ugly color that the home buyer would not like, do not worry! Painting your house’s walls results in a terrible thing to do. Even if the ending result is perfect, some homebuyers would not like the tone and eventually remove all the paint. 

Also, some homebuyers do not like to have their houses painted with trending colors because they are more exotic and extravagant. Remember, trends come and go fast. Keep the color of your house walls, and if it has neutral colors, better! 

Partial Fixes 

The belief that it is better to fix what’s worst than not fixing it at all is a lie! If you decide to fix something, then start and fix everything. The thing is that partial fixes only highlight the older and ugliest parts of the house. 

It is better to take care of serious things unseen than start working on things that will make you regret your decisions and not finish the procedures. 

Repairs that are worth Doing 

Despite finding unnecessary most of the repairs a house might need, there are some things that you could do to increase the amount of money you want to receive for your house. As-is home buyers sometimes took into consideration the following aspects to come up with a price. 

  • The quality of the roof
  • The electrical panel
  • The water heater
  • Repairing pipes, sewer connection, or septic system

Nevertheless, it will also depend on the house buyer agency. Some of them do not mind about those things and instead offer a reasonable price for your residence. 

Gr8housebuyers Do Not Require Repairs To Buy Your House! 

We provide an easy three-step sales process that will eliminate your stress. Our sell-as-is with condition allows you to sell your house in the stage it is, without needing to repair and spend time and money. We will clean and repair everything, and if you have unwanted things, left them, we will take care of everything! 

Our locations in Las Vegas are available to help you and provide simple, honest, and caring solutions. Also, we provide the advantage of no real estate agent commissions or fees. All the money will be directly delivered when you decide to accept the offer and move. 


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