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Do you have questions about selling a house to a professional cash buyer, but don’t know where to start or who to trust?

Do you know want to know the in’s and out’s of selling a house fast to a cash buyer?

We understand selling a house can be stressful. We’re here to help home owners selling real estate feel at comfort.

Gr8housebuyers® will make a home sale simple and answer your questions about selling a home.

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Is it more beneficial to sell with an agent, or to a direct cash home buyer?

Gr8housebuyers® will guide you in the direction that aligns with your property selling goals, situation, and interests. Sell your house to us quickly or be referred to a reputable agent. In other words we can buy houses and other property directly off-market, or you can be referred to a reputable agent. The choice is yours.

We buy houses and help you with the process from A to Z.

We would love the privilege to earn your business at Gr8housebuyers®. We simplify the process, work on your schedule, and are flexible with you until you’re ready and comfortable to move forward.

It’s ultimately, always up to you, we just help make the home-selling process simple, and encourage you to weigh-out your options.

Below is a quick collection of some general questions homeowners ask us about selling their house to us, and the process. If you have any other questions, please feel welcome and don’t hesitate to give us a call (702) 291-7577.

Our devoted team would more than happy to assist you!

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: Gr8housebuyers® – is a premier home investment buying company that specializes in acquiring real estate with respect and integrity. We are direct home buyers that make the process simple and keeps their word!

Gr8housebuyers® provides reassurance, hope, relief, and options to sellers that they can depend on. Our team is focused on understanding a homeowner’s property goals or scenarios, and most importantly, their Family’s Best Interests!

  • We don’t charge fees like the other big institutions or realtor companies!
  • We buy as-is, so you don’t have to worry or stress over repairs !
  • No commissions & We pay ALL the closing costs!
  • We can close quickly within 10 days or the date of YOUR choice!
  • No cleaning necessary!
  • We may be able to help with logistics, transportation, and even moving expenses, etc!
  • Leaseback/Rent-back program available!

Real Estate Agent/Realtor: Real estate agents list properties on the market. An agent can’t guarantee a closing date because some of the buyers that will be looking at your house during showings are using bank financing, which means there are inspections, appraisals and uncertainties. The process usually takes a minimum of 30 days when finding a traditional buyer on the MLS.

A traditional buyer who finds your house on the MLS may ask you to make repairs before closing or ask for “seller concessions” for money toward closing costs, repairs, etc.

Real estate agents exchange representation for commission, meaning you have to pay to sell your home with a realtor. We are not representing you, but instead buying the property directly from you. There are no fees whatsoever, nor are there any financing contingencies, which are common when listing and can delay the process or even cancel the closing when selling to a traditional buyer.

Below, are other reasons why you might consider selling your home off-market to a professional real estate cash home buyer! We are a trusted local home buying company with a simple buying procedure in the Vegas Valley that can purchase a house in any condition, and with tons of other perks! You’ll pay ZERO real estate commissions, NO Seller fees, NO cleaning required before you sell your house, and NO closing costs by selling your house directly to us. Skip the hassle of the lengthy and more complicated on-market home sale. We can buy your home cash, or you can be referred to our trusted colleague, if you prefer to put the house on the market!

Choose the most simple way to sell a house Las Vegas today! There are tons of solutions and benefits when selling a house cash directly to an experienced home buyer like Gr8housebuyers®! This is hands down, the easiest way to sell a house in Las Vegas, and the chart below explains why choosing us as your homebuyer makes sense. Make the right home selling choice, and get a fair cash offer that you can rely on. Get paid in days!

(average)Gr8housebuyers®Traditional Home Sale
Home Selling Solutions1. Direct Cash Sale
2. MLS – (Refer you to an agent/partner)
3. Sell Creatively – (Highest Profit Return!)
MLS Only
FinancingCash or Creative TermsTypically, needs to qualify for a bank loan
RepairsZero – We buy houses as-is!2-20% of home value
Length of Time on MarketZero45+ days
Close in 10-days – Or, date of your choice.YesNo
Realtor CommissionsZero4-6%
Closing CostsZero1-2% of sales price
Showings or Walk-Through’sAverage of 1Average of 10+
Cleaning Necessary?NOYes
Extended Stay – (If, applicable)YesNot likely
Average Length of TransactionAverage of 7-21 days45-60+ days
Cash for Keys Program – (If, applicable)YesNo
Seller Hidden FeesZeroNo – (Not with our partners/affiliates)
Buy Multiple PropertiesYesNot likely
Cash Advance – Get paid before you move! (If, eligible)Yes, up to $10,000Not likely
Buys with Tenants (If, eligible)YesNot likely
*Subject to change at any time based on market conditions.

Q:  Are there any Seller fees or commissions to working with Gr8housebuyers?
A: Never! This is what makes us stand out from the traditional method of selling your house with a realtor/agent.

There are NO Seller fees and NO commissions when you sell your house directly to Gr8housebuyers®.

We pay for 100% of the closing costs if you sell directly to us!

No hassle. Just Simplicity.

Q:  How do you determine the price for my house?
A:  Great question: Our process is very straightforward.

We simply evaluate the location & similar comps of the property, the actual condition the house is in and what repairs or upgrades may be needed, values of comparable houses recently sold in the neighborhood, and also look at the market conditions.

Below, you’ll learn additional information about how we come up with the fair market price of a home:

What determines the fair market value for a house?

  1. The Location & Similar Comps or Properties – The exact location of the house you’re selling and the neighborhood where it is located will define, in part, its sale price. It is very important to analyze similar properties or comparables (comps) recently sold in the same area that have similar conditions, characteristics and specifications, such as square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, floors, pool, garage, lot size, etc.
  2. The Condition of the House (property) – The as-is condition of the house is something that should always be considered when selling a house. The amount of repairs or renovation the property needs for you to modernize the home is very important and must be taken into account when determining the fair market value of a house. Will you prepare the house to sell as-is, give it a rent ready or basic remodel and just do some TLC or cosmetic touches to the house, or do you want the maximum value by upgrading everything (full home renovation) with a more luxury feel? A entirely new and upgraded house that enhances the interior and curb appeal will provide you with the maximum After Repair Value (ARV). Keep in mind, neutral colors and upgrades is also crucial when updating a house.
  3. Real Estate Market Conditions – It is the condition of the real estate market based on supply and demand. A few other important factors that determine the fair market value of a house: is the economy, demographics, interest rates, government policies, season, inflation, taxes, etc.”

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my information to receive an offer for my home?
A: There is absolutely zero obligation to you. Once you tell us a bit about your property, we’ll take a look at things, maybe set up a call with you to ask a few more questions regarding your goals and situation, so we can make you a Gr8 all-cash offer. From there, it’s 100% your decision on whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us… and we won’t hassle you, won’t harass you… you decide if we’re right for you.

Q:  Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?
A:  Great question. We’re not agents, and we don’t list houses (if you prefer, we can refer you to a reputable agent). We are professional home buyers:  We buy property in Las Vegas that meets our purchasing criteria. We plan to repair the house and/or resell it to another home owner, or possibly keep it as a rental ourselves. Selling your house to us will save you time, and can save you money.

Q:  Can you still buy my house, if I owe money on it and have a mortgage?
A:  Yes, as long as the purchase price of the property exceeds the total amount of what’s owed on it (mortgage, liens, taxes, etc). You have the freedom to sell when you’re ready!

Q:  How long is an appointment and Estimator walk-through?
A:  An in-person appointment can range between 15-minutes to an hour, but we are flexible around your schedule. You can also send us pictures or videos of the house. If it’s just to get an estimate, it usually takes about 10-20 minutes.

Q:  How does the escrow/closing process work?
1. Once we have come to an agreement on price. We will open escrow, and start our due-diligence. This means we will arrange a convenient time for an Acquisitons Specialist and one of our Estimators to walk-through the property to verify the initial repair bid. It helps ensure a more seamless process.

2. We wait for the Title Company to do a title search and convey clear title.

3. The Title Company will make arrangements with you to sign any closing docs.

4. We will close on or before the scheduled closing date of your choice.

Q:  How much time do I have to move out from my house?
A:  Respectfully, as much time as you need. We are very flexible, and have various programs that can be tailored to your situation. Fore example, the most common is a 30-day leaseback (rent-back/hold-back), it basically allows you to get paid before you move! (Like, a free cash advance!) If you would like to learn more about it, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can close within 10-days or 10-months! It’s totally, your decision when working with us.

Q:  Do you only buy houses in Las Vegas?
A:  No. We buy properties in all the surrounding areas, and even other markets across the country! We will make a cash offer on any property in the United States.

Q:  Do you buy land as well?
A:  Absolutely! We buy various types of real property: houses, townhomes, condos, different types of land, and even mobile homes. We are actively buying residential and commercial and are willing to make a cash offer on anything else!

Q: Can you buy my house if it is in really bad condition and needs a lot of repairs?
A:  If you want to sell a house or any other real estate, we can buy it! We can buy houses that are fire-damaged, condemned, hoarder, structural issues, code violations, anything with expensive repairs, etc. We will buy any type of house that is in any condition. No cleaning or repairs are required.

Q:  Do you buy houses that are in move-in condition?
A:  Yes, indeed. We are able to buy any property at competitive prices. It can be a house that is falling apart and torn down, or a house that is rent-ready. We can be purchase different types of homes in any condition.

Q:  How fast can you buy my house, and how do I get paid?
A:  We can close within a week or extend out to a date of your preference that’s convenient for you. Sell your house to Gr8housebuyers® and get the flexibility you deserve.

All funds are disbursed (wired) the following business day after closing escrow (the property records at the County Accessor’s Office), usually by a closing attorney or a Title Company.

Q:  What is “Escrow”?
A:  Is the legal arrangement where a neutral unbiased third-party (Title Company or Attorney) holds the proceeds and/or funds, documents, and other special assets for a real estate transaction in escrow between Gr8housebuyers® and the homeowner selling the property until the process of the financial real estate transaction has been completed.

We open escrow when you’re ready to sell and have approved a purchase agreement with us.

It protects the Seller and the Buyer and ensures that all terms and conditions in the purchase agreement are met and fulfilled by all parties. It is also where the Earnest Deposit for the property and Security Deposit for leasebacks are held.

Q:  Will you buy a house with tenants?
A:  Most definitely! We are willing to buy a house with tenants, and even if there is no lease, we are always interested in evaluating the situation and making you a fair offer.

Q:  Do I have to clean or repair my house before I sell it?
A:  You do not have to clean nor repair anything. You can leave anything unwanted wherever you like, and we will clean it up for you after we have purchased the property.

Q:  What do you do with the information when I submit a form?
A:  It’s simply used for contact information purposes, and to know which property you want us to make an offer on. We truly prioritize and value your privacy.

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