5 Tips for Achieving a Fast Sale of Your House in Las Vegas

5 Tips for Achieving a Fast Sale of Your House in Las Vegas

A fast sale of your house in Las Vegas has many critical advantages for sellers, especially when circumstances beyond your control prompt the sale. However, no matter why you’re selling, there are steps you can take to speed up the process of home sale and Gr8housebuyers will help you figure out what is the best solution.

Whether selling is a part of your plans to exit the property or due to sudden personal issues or financial difficulties, a fast home sale is a shared goal among sellers.

Ready to learn more? Read on as we explore five tips for achieving a fast sale of your house in Las Vegas.

Do I need to clean my house before I sell?

Constantly getting the house ready to leave the premises for showings and keeping a perfect home can be wearing and time consuming. There is no need to arrange your life around showings if making a fast sale of your house in Las Vegas is your aim, especially if the property needs repairs and is outdated. Instead, you have the option to skip the showings by selling your house directly to local professional buyers like Gr8housebuyers®. The family owned home buyer at Gr8housebuyers® makes selling quick and easy by working with a full-service in-house team of local industry specialists, including everyone needed to get you to the closing table fast. With a direct sale to an experienced local buyer like Gr8housebuyers®, you’ll have a guaranteed closing date, often in just days, or we can work with your timeline that works best for you to save you from the expenses of possibly moving twice.

What is the perfect price for my home?

As they say, nothing is perfect, but we strive to exceed every competitor’s offer, and have done a great job in being one of the leading home buyers in Las Vegas!

By setting your home at the right price point, you can achieve a fast sale of your house in any market. You’ll avoid the issues of overpromises or underpricing a listing and the inevitable delays of your property selling.

Professional buyers like those at Gr8housebuyers® advise sellers of the current market value and don’t make the calculations a mystery. The professional buyers at Gr8housebuyers® work with a policy of total transparency because we want you to have all the facts so you can decide what works best for your home selling situation. They’ll compare their offer to buy directly and/or creatively vs. what you could profit by listing, and if a listing is best option in your situation, the professional buyers at Gr8housebuyers® will say so, and can refer you to a licensed team member.

What determines the fair market value for a house?

  1. The Location & Similar Comps or Properties – The exact location of the home you’re selling and the neighborhood where it is located will define, in part, its sale price. It is also important to analyze similar properties or comparables (comps) recently sold in the same area that have similar conditions, characteristics and specifications, such as square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, floors, pool, garage, lot size, etc.
  2. The Condition of the Home – The as-is condition of the house is something that should always be considered when selling a house. The amount of repairs or renovation the property needs for you to modernize the home is very important and must be taken into account when determining the fair market value of a house. Will you prepare the home to sell as-is, give it a rent ready or basic remodel and just do some TLC or cosmetic touches to the home, or do you want the maximum value by upgrading everything (full home renovation) with a more luxury feel? A entirely new and upgraded home will provide you with the maximum After Repair Value (ARV) for the house. Keep in mind, neutral colors and upgrades is also crucial when updating a house.
  3. Real Estate Market Conditions – It is the condition of the real estate market based on supply and demand. A few other important factors that determine the fair market value of a house: is the economy, demographics, interest rates, government policies, season, inflation, taxes, etc.”

What is a house’s curb appeal?

Paying attention to curb appeal can positively affect buyers and is another action that can help you attain a fast sale of your house in Las Vegas. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your property from the street view; try to envision a photograph of the front of your property on the cover of a home magazine, will it attract you more than the other houses that have sold in the area, and your neighbor’s houses in general? If your house isn’t quite ready for prime time, professional buyers like those at Gr8housebuyers® understand that not every house is perfect for listing on the Las Vegas real estate market, and are experienced in buying homes that may not be so attractive or appealing to the average traditional buyer. Plus, house with less curb appeal take much longer to sell on the real estate market.

Therefore, you don’t need to “double-take” on the curb’s appeal, skip the repairs and forget about passing the inspection because the professional buyers at Gr8housebuyers® buy houses as is, for cash, saving you valuable time, money, and energy when selling any house!

Do I need to stage my home?

Staging is a common sales technique of top agents because they know it dramatically increases profits when a property is in decent to excellent condition, from 1% to 5%, and goes far toward a fast sale of your house in Las Vegas. In addition, these agents understand the effect staging has on traditional buyers, drawing them in from online and making them desire a showing when the property appeals to them. Once there, because of the effects of staging on buyers, they can better envision themselves living in the home in the future and can have a better feel of the floor plan’s layout and potential. Expert buyers like those at Gr8housebuyers® can look past the clutter, so everything can stay just as it is. No cleaning or staging the home is necessary!

The professional real estate buyers at Gr8housebuyers® do not believe sellers should have to spend any money out of pocket before the sale, and you will not pay any commissions nor any hidden listing fees.


Using high-quality professional digital media or photographer for your photos and 360-degree walk-through footage is vital if you want to compete on the market and complete a fast sale of your house in any real estate market; these properties sell 32% faster on average! Again, that’s only if you’re considering to list your home on the MLS with a realtor or agent. We can refer you to our reputable colleague, if you desire to test the real estate market.

You can also not worry about competing on the market and relax by selling directly to a professional home buyer like Gr8housebuyers®. We’re real estate buying experts at Gr8housebuyers® that can save you even more money because you won’t pay any closing costs, appraisals, other hidden listing or broker fees, etc. When you make a direct sale to a professional buyer like Gr8housebuyers®, we’ll make offers you’ll agree are fair, and nothing comes off the top; the offer amount we present to you is the amount you’ll walk away with from the closing.

The professional home buyers at Gr8housebuyers® can help you understand all of your available options to achieve a fast sale of your house in Las Vegas. A direct sale to Gr8housebuyers® means you’re working with seasoned experts who have experience with all types of houses and circumstances.

If you have questions about the process, talk to one of our home acquisitions specialists at Gr8housebuyers® today without any obligation, and let us help you understand the simple process that will help take all the risks and pressure of selling a house off your shoulders. Call Gr8housebuyers® at (702) 291-7577.

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